My Full Stack Developer Journey

Welcome to Work With Carolette. a site dedicated to documenting my process of becoming a Full Stack Developer. I’m happy you are here and look forward to our future discussions along this journey. I really hope that you join me.

The goals of this site are to:

  1. discuss the field of full stack development and what personal moves I am making to start my career in this industry.
  2. give you an overview of the philosophy that helps me, set expectations of what anyone interested in following my path needs to learn, and how I make the most of my time.
  3. offer a documented path to help others grow based on my experiences.

But before we get into these items, it’s important that you make sure this path is right for you. At a high level, this website is created for serious beginners, like myself. I am fully aware that it is going to take a long time for me to cover all that needs to be learned — probably around 1500-2800 hours, or more. That translates in dedicating roughly 6-12 months of consistent work and continuous learning.

First I will start by learning the fundamentals and then I will apply what I’ve learned into projects for my portfolio. The important thing to note is that everyone progresses at a different pace and starts with varied levels of exposure to software development. Finally, this website is built for people looking to start a new career in full stack development and want to connect with others on the same skill level.

If any of these criterion do not match what you’re willing to dedicate, then it’s likely full stack development isn’t for you.

Webinar Recordings

I will start recording several videos that you should watch. First I will make introduction videos to layout an agile plant. Then I will record applications videos that will likely be about an hour each covering personal development, portfolio building using a different languages, and the best tools newbie developers should leverage.

I will also record short videos to help keep you, and myself, on track along our journey. This will give you better idea of what I’ve been doing, how I’m progressing, and the tradeoffs that I have had to make to figure out what work best.

Overall I am excited about what lies before us. I hope you connect with me at Work With Carolette.

Join my mailing list so that you can get notification of when I add new content. Until we meet again, here is an idea of what I will be covering first:

  1. How I Plan to Transition into a Career in Full Stack Development
  2. A Quicklook Into the Curriculum I Will Use
  3. Learning to Think Like a Computer