New Services Provide a Smarter Way to Learn

girl studying

LEESVILLE, LA., July 28, 2016  —  Finally! Students in Leesville and surrounding areas will be able to benefit from private one-on-one tutoring in math, science, reading, writing, GRE and college exam prep.

Having celebrated its official opening April 2016, STEM Tutoring Services is opened for Vernon Parish residents and students of all ages.  STEM Tutoring Services helps students get results and improve academic performance in less time and at a lower cost than other programs. Whether you are looking for additional academic support, need to get your GED, or want to improve your college entrance exam scores there is support for every student at STEM Tutoring Services.

In addition to a proven curriculum for math, reading, and writing, STEM Tutoring Services also offers individualized instruction for advanced learning in algebra, geometry, sciences, and over 40 other subjects, including ACT/SAT preparation, ASVAB, and study skills.

STEM Tutoring Services focuses on students’ weak areas and takes advantage of proven test-taking techniques designed around the needs of each student, rather than using a classroom setting where students typically hear things that they are already familiar with. When students are engaged and are able to connect the dots, they get excited and increase their enthusiasm towards learning.

“Because of my love for learning, I am excited that STEM Tutoring Services will be opening in the area,” said Director Carolette Wright. “I have dedicated my time towards building the intellectual resources of my community and in helping people achieve more, pull out their best, and overcome obstacles to learning.”

As a dedicated entrepreneur and proprietor of a minority, woman-owned business, Wright believes that now is a good time to invest in her community and to participate in its growth. Students from Leesville, Fort Polk, and Deridder can benefit from these tutoring services.

“I have nurtured my desired to build a business that was community centered. Ever since I tutored my first student over 20 years ago,  I’ve known that helping others academically was my strength and passion” says Wright.

STEM Tutoring Services’ goal is not just helping students improve their grades, but mentoring as well. “A role model can positively improve a student’s attitude toward learning by helping them reach for more and achieve higher levels of success, self-confidence, and self-esteem,” says Wright.

To get more information on local tutoring services visit STEM Tutoring Services or call (337) 404-1444.