About the STEM Education Center



The STEM Education Center offers both elective and directed tutorials. Elective tutorials are available on a regular basis in either an individual or group setting and provide general assistance in the areas of reading mathematics, statistics, writing, and study skills to support students’ work in a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. Directed tutorials, which may be recommended or required by faculty, advisors or academic programs, are more targeted and focus on developing specific skills sets in a one-on-one setting.


STEM Education Center workshops and seminars are offered weekly, generally for an hour, and address specific topics pertaining to writing, the sciences and mathematics.

Developmental Courses

Developmental courses serve as the bridge between students’ high school courses and college-level courses in areas of mathematics, writing, and reading. The small-class size of these courses allow faculty to provide students with the individualized attention needed in the development of key content and skills necessary for college-level courses.

Support for Courses

The STEM Education Center offers support for undergraduate and graduate courses in most disciplines in a variety of formats, including workshops, seminars and mini-tutorials.


The STEM Education Center offers diagnostic testing for undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Results can be used to prescribe extra instruction while providing customized tutorial support to address students’ specific learning needs. The STEM Education Center also provides undergraduate placement testing to ensure that students are placed into the correct level of mathematics, English, reading, chemistry, foreign language and computer science courses during their first semesters of college.

Experienced STEM Professionals