First Portfolio Project: Day 3

Today I completed Day 4 and my first FreeCodeCamp portfolio project. I posted my project to I must say it was harder than I thought it would be. Not because it is mentally straining, but because I had no frame of reference to pull from. I didn’t know what to do first and had to look to online tutorials.

You can view my project, called ‘Build a Tribute Page,’ and I recorded my journey. I must say it took me 3 hours to create this simple page. But I did it!

Here is what I learned about the process and myself:

  • I need to go back and understand the Bootstrap Framework.
  • I need to ensure I am using best practices so avoid simple mistakes such as
    • missing closing tags
    • extra div functions
    • how to properly next sections
    • be sure to use tools that will make the process less painful (color wheels, forums, library, etc.)
  • talking out what I need helps
  • continuously refreshing the page to check my code definitely slowed me down due to a lack of confidence in code ability.

These are only a few things I will continue to observe in myself as I continue to grow my skills. Instead of moving forward to the next project, I feel I need to build a confidence of bootstrap framework before moving forward. I don’t want a unstable foundation that will only require more proficiency as time progresses.